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This property is an occupied 3 bed/2 bath home whose owner has been unable to maintain good pay hist

Norwood, NC

This property is an owner occupied 3 bed/2 bath. The Borrower has not been able to maintain a good pay history with the current lender. The lender no longer wants to hold the mortgage note, they will sell these notes for a discounted price. This is where DC CS Investments, LLC comes in to help. We make contact with the borrower in order to work together through troubled times and try to help them stay in the house, while offering our investors above average returns. The goal is a win-win-win for borrower, investor, and the community as a whole.

Our Mission

Residential Real Estate

Real estate comes in many different shapes and sizes, so do investments. Utilizing a self-directed IRA is one way to buy real estate. Conventional cash money is always an option too.


Help people stay in their homes and communities. Offer relief from hardships. Earn above average returns on investments. Repeat and relax while we do the heavy lifting.

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Debra Carballeira

Charles "Bud" Salmon

About the deal

Distressed Mortgage Notes

Purchase mortgage notes at a discount and control real estate assets for pennies on the dollar with very low to no maintenance with above average returns.

Sample Acquistion


Original Loan Amount:  $ 100,000
Unpaid Principle Balance:  $ 80,000
Fair Market Value of the Home(Est):  $ 105,000
Purchase Price (50%):  $ 40,000
Est Workout Costs:  $ 3,000- $6,000
All-In Funding Amount:  $ 43,000-46,000

Current P&I Payment:  $ 450

Exit Strategies

Reinstatement: Start collecting payments again, then sell at 80% UPB.

Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure: Give option for the borrower to leave without fight. ( cash for keys)

Eviction and Resale: After foreclosure sell the property to a local investor, rehab and rent, or end user.